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* fix indentation and remove excessive whitespaceJonas Bernoulli2018-10-14
* fix permissionsDavid Bremner2018-06-23
* Import Debian version 36.3+nmu1Sean Whitton2018-03-22
* typopsg2016-11-06
* Bug fix: #705281psg2016-11-05
* Bug fix: #712835psg2016-11-05
* apt-sources.el:psg2009-11-27
* apt-sources.el: Remove problematic requirement on autoinsert.elpsg2003-12-11
* apt-sources.el new upstream version 0.9.8psg2003-10-27
* New 0.9.7psg2003-05-13
* Update apt-sources.el to V0.9.6.psg2003-05-09
* Initial import, based on version 19.2-1 currently in unstable.lolando2003-04-04