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* debian-bug.el: update to V1.42psg2003-05-24
* Document confirmed tag at proper placepsg2003-05-15
* Document confirmed tagpsg2003-05-13
* Add confirmed tagpsg2003-05-13
* check if debian-changelog-mode is available as a feature, and not simply the ...psg2003-05-13
* V1.39 22Apr2003 Peter S Galbraith <>psg2003-04-29
* Tweak help texts and pseudo-package listpsg2003-04-22
* Added debian-bug-menu-preload-flag.psg2003-04-22
* Byte-compilation cleanup.psg2003-04-22
* Fix package name in MH folderpsg2003-04-22
* Apply checkdoc patch from Bill Wohler <>. Thanks!psg2003-04-21
* debian-bug.el:psg2003-04-21
* debian-bug.el: always build package list (closes: #186338)psg2003-04-15
* New debian-bug-open-alist variablepsg2003-04-15
* debian-bug.el: Revert send bug report to maintonly if priority wishlist or mi...psg2003-04-14
* debian-bug.el: send bug report to maintonly if priority wishlist or minor (cl...psg2003-04-11
* Initial import, based on version 19.2-1 currently in unstable.lolando2003-04-04