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* add proper library commentary to debian-el.elJonas Bernoulli2018-10-14
* fixup copyright notices, without changing licenseJonas Bernoulli2018-10-14
* fix indentation and remove excessive whitespaceJonas Bernoulli2018-10-14
* fix permissionsDavid Bremner2018-06-23
* delete obsolete loaddefs filesDavid Bremner2018-06-23
* Import Debian version 36.3+nmu1Sean Whitton2018-03-22
* Bug fix: #842566psg2016-11-05
* Bug fix: "Outputs wrongly utf-8 chars if the buffer is calledpsg2009-10-10
* perldoc.el: Updated to 1.7psg2009-09-03
* debian-el.el: Add code from Kevin Ryde to set deb-view control file codingpsg2009-02-23
* Enable apt-sources-mode for files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/".psg2008-04-12
* debian-el.el: Bug fix: "debian-el: Add udeb support to debview", thanks topsg2004-07-21
* deb-view.el: I'm now maintaining this file. New version supports customization.psg2003-10-31
* Oppspsg2003-10-06
* Install deb-viewpsg2003-10-05
* debian-el package support file.psg2003-10-01