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* close #878868David Bremner2018-06-30
* note recovery of patches for gnus-BTS.elDavid Bremner2018-06-30
* drop obsolete requireDavid Bremner2018-06-30
* start changelog for 37.3David Bremner2018-06-30
* upload 37.2: fix d/copyrightDavid Bremner2018-06-29
* Add changelog for 37.1David Bremner2018-06-24
* fix maintainerDavid Bremner2018-06-24
* add Vcs-* headersDavid Bremner2018-06-24
* add note about (not) hijacking the binary packageDavid Bremner2018-06-24
* add mainscript to remove old conffileDavid Bremner2018-06-24
* add transitional packageDavid Bremner2018-06-23
* install info filesDavid Bremner2018-06-23
* build info fileDavid Bremner2018-06-23
* rename binary and elpa packagesDavid Bremner2018-06-23
* reindent descriptionDavid Bremner2018-06-23
* bump version number, switch to native package.David Bremner2018-06-23
* initial (re)-debianizationDavid Bremner2018-06-09