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+# debos - Debian OS images builder
-Debian OS builder. debos is a tool to make creation of various debian based os
-"images" simpler. While most other tools focus on specific use-case, debos is
-more meant as a toolchain to make comon actions trivial while providing enough
-rope to do whatever tweaking that might be required behind the scene.
+## Sypnosis
-debos expects a yaml file as input, syntax description can be found at:
+ debos [options] <recipe file in YAML>
+ debos [--help]
+Application Options:
+ --artifactdir=
+ -t, --template-var= Template variables
+ --debug-shell Fall into interactive shell on error
+ -s, --shell= Redefine interactive shell binary (default: bash)
+ --scratchsize= Size of disk backed scratch space
+## Description
+debos is a tool to make the creation of various Debian-based OS images
+simpler. While most other tools focus on specific use-cases, debos is
+more meant as a tool-chain to make common actions trivial while providing
+enough rope to do whatever tweaking that might be required behind the scene.
+debos expects a YAML file as input and will run the actions listed in the
+file sequentially. These actions should be self-contained and independent
+of each other.
+Some of the actions provided by debos to customize and produce images are:
+* apt: install packages and their dependencies with 'apt'
+* debootstrap: construct the target rootfs with debootstrap
+* download: download a single file from the internet
+* filesystem-deploy: deploy a root filesystem to an image previously created
+* image-partition: create an image file, make partitions and format them
+* ostree-commit: create an OSTree commit from rootfs
+* ostree-deploy: deploy an OSTree branch to the image
+* overlay: do a recursive copy of directories or files to the target filesystem
+* pack: create a tarball with the target filesystem
+* raw: directly write a file to the output image at a given offset
+* run: allows to run a command or script in the filesystem or in the host
+* unpack: unpack files from archive in the filesystem
+A full syntax description of all the debos actions can be found at:
+## Installation (under Debian)
+ sudo apt install golang
+ sudo apt install libglib2.0-dev libostree-dev
+ export GOPATH=/opt/src/gocode # or whatever suites your needs
+ go get -u
+ /opt/src/gocode/bin/debos --help
+## Simple example
+The following example will create a arm64 image, install several
+packages in it, change the file /etc/hostname to "debian" and finally
+make a tarball.
+ {{- $image := or .image "debian.tgz" -}}
+ architecture: arm64
+ actions:
+ - action: debootstrap
+ suite: "buster"
+ components:
+ - main
+ - non-free
+ mirror:
+ variant: minbase
+ - action: apt
+ packages: [ sudo, openssh-server, adduser, systemd-sysv, firmware-linux ]
+ - action: run
+ chroot: true
+ command: echo debian > /etc/hostname
+ - action: pack
+ file: {{ $image }}
+ compression: gz
+To run it, create a file named `example.yaml` and run:
+ debos example.yaml
+The final tarball will be named "debian.tgz" if you would like to modify
+this name, you can provided a different name for the variable image like
+ debos -t image:"debian-arm64.tgz" example.yaml
+## Other examples
+This example builds a customized image for a Raspberry Pi 3.
+## See also
+fakemachine at
-and examples are to be found at: