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.TH "debos" "1" "" "" ""
@@ -27,6 +27,7 @@ Application Options:
\ \ \ \ \ \ \-\-debug\-shell\ \ \ \ \ Fall\ into\ interactive\ shell\ on\ error
\ \ \-s,\ \-\-shell=\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ Redefine\ interactive\ shell\ binary\ (default:\ bash)
\ \ \ \ \ \ \-\-scratchsize=\ \ \ \ Size\ of\ disk\ backed\ scratch\ space
+\ \ \-e,\ \-\-environ\-var=\ \ \ \ Environment\ variables
@@ -72,6 +73,17 @@ unpack: unpack files from archive in the filesystem
A full syntax description of all the debos actions can be found at:\-debos/debos/actions
+sudo\ apt\ install\ golang
+sudo\ apt\ install\ libglib2.0\-dev\ libostree\-dev
+export\ GOPATH=/opt/src/gocode\ #\ or\ whatever\ suites\ your\ needs
+go\ get\ \-u\\-debos/debos/cmd/debos
+/opt/src/gocode/bin/debos\ \-\-help
The following example will create a arm64 image, install several
@@ -127,6 +139,55 @@ debos\ \-t\ image:"debian\-arm64.tgz"\ example.yaml
This example builds a customized image for a Raspberry Pi 3.\-debos/debos\-recipes
+debos read a predefined list of environment variables from the host and
+propagates it to fakemachine.
+The set of environment variables is defined by environ_vars on
+Currently the list of environment variables includes the proxy
+environment variables as documented at:
+The list of environment variables currently exported to fakemachine is:
+http_proxy,\ https_proxy,\ ftp_proxy,\ rsync_proxy,\ all_proxy,\ no_proxy
+While the elements of environ_vars are in lower case, for each element
+both lower and upper case variants are probed on the host, and if found
+propagated to fakemachine.
+So if the host has the environment variables HTTP_PROXY and no_proxy
+defined, both will be propagated to fakemachine respecting the case.
+The command line options \[en]environ\-var and \-e can be used to
+specify, overwrite, and unset environment variables for fakemachine with
+the syntax:
+$ debos \-e ENVIRONVAR:VALUE \&...
+To unset an enviroment variable, or in other words, to prevent an
+environment variable to be propagated to fakemachine, use the same
+syntax without a value.
+debos accept multiple \-e simultaneously.
+While the proxy related environment variables are exported from the host
+to fakemachine, there are two known sources of issues:
+.IP \[bu] 2
+Using localhost will not work from fakemachine.
+Prefer using an address that is valid on your network.
+debos will warn if environment variables contain localhost.
+.IP \[bu] 2
+In case you are running applications and/or scripts inside fakemachine
+you may need to check which are the proxy environment variables they
+Different apps are known to use different environment variable names and
+different case for environment variable names.
fakemachine at\-debos/fakemachine