BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterchangelog: Finalise 9.10Ian Jackson4 months
archive/debian/9.10_bpo10+1commit 97169f5720...Sean Whitton3 months
debian/9.10_bpo10+1commit 97169f5720...Sean Whitton3 months
archive/debian/9.10commit 4f41d991f1...Ian Jackson4 months
debian/9.10commit 4f41d991f1...Ian Jackson4 months
archive/debian/9.9_bpo10+1commit b7fe58b0f4...Sean Whitton9 months
debian/9.9_bpo10+1commit b7fe58b0f4...Sean Whitton9 months
archive/debian/9.9commit 896c944749...Ian Jackson9 months
debian/9.9commit 896c944749...Ian Jackson9 months
archive/debian/9.8commit 0f3b575f5c...Ian Jackson9 months
debian/9.8commit 0f3b575f5c...Ian Jackson9 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2016-10-23changelog: finalise 2.5archive/debian/2.5Ian Jackson
2016-10-23Provide --gbp and --dpm as aliases for --quilt=gbp and --quilt=dpm.Ian Jackson
2016-10-23changelog: Tidy upIan Jackson
2016-10-23solit brain: Do not crash in when the two brains are actually identical.Ian Jackson
2016-10-22default config: Switch to new archive/ tag formatIan Jackson
2016-10-22Test suite: overwrite junk: Use $tagpfx where applicableIan Jackson
2016-10-22Test suite: Introduce setup/gnupgIan Jackson
2016-10-22Test suite: Propagate tmpbase into nested (setup) runsIan Jackson
2016-10-22Test suite: setup import: Cope with nested and multiple importsIan Jackson
2016-10-21dgit-maint-merge(7): Add paragraph splitIan Jackson