BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterchangelog: finalise 9.15Ian Jackson3 weeks
archive/debian/9.15commit 3b7469c87e...Ian Jackson3 weeks
debian/9.15commit 3b7469c87e...Ian Jackson3 weeks
archive/debian/9.14commit 4f9e7bc49e...Ian Jackson5 months
debian/9.14commit 4f9e7bc49e...Ian Jackson5 months
archive/debian/9.13commit c3cea8116a...Ian Jackson11 months
debian/9.13commit c3cea8116a...Ian Jackson11 months
archive/debian/9.12commit bfe3a27088...Ian Jackson17 months
debian/9.12commit bfe3a27088...Ian Jackson17 months
archive/debian/9.11commit a3e3cee19c...Ian Jackson19 months
debian/9.11commit a3e3cee19c...Ian Jackson19 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-01-19changelog: finalise 3.6debian/3.6archive/debian/3.6Ian Jackson
2017-01-19dgit: aptget archive access methodPeter Michael Green
2017-01-18infrastructure: Do not reject commits with no author/committer nameIan Jackson
2017-01-18infrastructure: Properly honour NOCOMMITCHECK policy hook exit status.Ian Jackson
2017-01-18test suite: downstream-gitless: Test import of .dsc with unsafe url.Ian Jackson
2017-01-18test suite: downstream-gitless: Test import of .dsc from unknown distro.Ian Jackson
2017-01-18dgit: git_lrfetch_sane: Take $url, and pass it right value in importIan Jackson
2017-01-18dgit: git_get_config: Use confess, not croakIan Jackson Call `confess' when shellquote gets an undef argIan Jackson
2017-01-18changelog: start 3.6~Ian Jackson