BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterchangelog: document change and finalise changelogIan Jackson7 hours
archive/debian/10.5commit 32c7e1fd7f...Ian Jackson7 hours
debian/10.5commit 32c7e1fd7f...Ian Jackson7 hours
archive/debian/10.4commit 5bb461ee08...Ian Jackson4 weeks
debian/10.4commit 5bb461ee08...Ian Jackson4 weeks
archive/debian/10.3commit 97df186621...Ian Jackson4 weeks
debian/10.3commit 97df186621...Ian Jackson4 weeks
archive/debian/10.2commit d9cc0cf8e5...Ian Jackson7 weeks
debian/10.2commit d9cc0cf8e5...Ian Jackson7 weeks
archive/debian/10.1commit 9fc43fccbc...Ian Jackson2 months
debian/10.1commit 9fc43fccbc...Ian Jackson2 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-06-27changelog: finalise 5.3debian/5.3archive/debian/5.3Ian Jackson
2018-06-27dgit(7): Add discussion of quilt fixup error messagesIan Jackson
2018-06-27dgit: Better message formatting when --overwrite may be neededIan Jackson
2018-06-27test suite: --overwrite test: Be more tolerant of exact messageIan Jackson
2018-06-27dgit(1): Mention in --overwrite that it is usually needed for first dgit pushIan Jackson
2018-06-27test suite: Test ill-advised repeat dgit push after git push failsIan Jackson
2018-06-27dgit: Do not introduce duplicate origs in .changes filesIan Jackson
2018-06-26test suite: Test GIT_REFLOG_ACTION setting by git-debrebaseIan Jackson
2018-06-26git-debrebase new-upstream: Provide better reflog entriesIan Jackson
2018-06-26ref updates: Break out git_reflog_action_msgIan Jackson