BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterchangelog: finalise 10.7Sean Whitton4 weeks
archive/debian/10.7commit eacca6ceca...Sean Whitton4 weeks
debian/10.7commit eacca6ceca...Sean Whitton4 weeks
archive/debian/10.6commit ee4d0c7c3e...Ian Jackson7 weeks
debian/10.6commit ee4d0c7c3e...Ian Jackson7 weeks
archive/debian/10.5commit 32c7e1fd7f...Ian Jackson8 weeks
debian/10.5commit 32c7e1fd7f...Ian Jackson8 weeks
archive/debian/10.4commit 5bb461ee08...Ian Jackson3 months
debian/10.4commit 5bb461ee08...Ian Jackson3 months
archive/debian/10.3commit 97df186621...Ian Jackson3 months
debian/10.3commit 97df186621...Ian Jackson3 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-07-05changelog: finalise 5.7debian/5.7archive/debian/5.7Ian Jackson
2018-07-05test suite: sourceonlypolicy: New testIan Jackson
2018-07-05dgit: Check that entirely-new uploads to Debian are not source-only-uploads.Ian Jackson
2018-07-05test suite: Test dput-ng compatibility.Ian Jackson
2018-07-05test suite: Fix trustingpolicy-replay & dput-ng.Ian Jackson
2018-07-05test suite: checkout: Check we end up on the right branch each timeIan Jackson
2018-07-05dgit: checkout: Do not leave detached HEAD!Ian Jackson
2018-07-05test suite: Always pass LC_COLLATE=C to sort(1).Ian Jackson
2018-07-04dgit(7): Mention git-debrebase and gbp pq alongside git-dpmIan Jackson
2018-07-04test suite: checkout: new testIan Jackson