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masterchangelog: finalise 9.12Ian Jackson5 months
archive/debian/9.12commit bfe3a27088...Ian Jackson5 months
debian/9.12commit bfe3a27088...Ian Jackson5 months
archive/debian/9.11commit a3e3cee19c...Ian Jackson7 months
debian/9.11commit a3e3cee19c...Ian Jackson7 months
archive/debian/9.10_bpo10+1commit 97169f5720...Sean Whitton11 months
debian/9.10_bpo10+1commit 97169f5720...Sean Whitton11 months
archive/debian/9.10commit 4f41d991f1...Ian Jackson11 months
debian/9.10commit 4f41d991f1...Ian Jackson11 months
archive/debian/9.9_bpo10+1commit b7fe58b0f4...Sean Whitton16 months
debian/9.9_bpo10+1commit b7fe58b0f4...Sean Whitton16 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-10-02changelog: Finalise 7.0~pre1debian/7.0_pre1archive/debian/7.0_pre1Ian Jackson
2018-10-02changelog: Bump to 7.0~pre1, document changes, send to experimentalIan Jackson
2018-10-02i18n: make -C po clean allIan Jackson
2018-10-01i18n: Update README to reflect current situationIan Jackson
2018-10-01i18n: mark final batch of messages (2)Ian Jackson parsecontrol: Improve error message for failed openIan Jackson Split here doc for reflog cache commit message (nfc)Ian Jackson Improve message for control file parse failureIan Jackson Improve symlink failure messageIan Jackson Replace many die calls with confessIan Jackson