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dgit: Internal change: Support forcing split source builds
We are going to start handling weirder kinds of git tree, which will require a kind of `split brain': the dgit-using maintainer's view will be a git tree which is not a dgit git tree. dgit will convert them during push. For this to work we will have to have dgit always (in these cases) generate the source package itself (with a separate invocation of dpkg-source). This will involve some dis- and re-entangling of the way we generate arguments to dpkg-buildpackage. We can profitably split this up into this pre-patch, which has no overall functional change for normal users. We do here provide a new --always-split-source-build option which allows the new approach to be explicitly requested. This allows us to use the test suite to not only test that we didn't break any of the existing building strategies, but also that the new strategies all do what we expect. But this option is not really semantically useful for users so we do not document it.
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