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git-debrebase(5): Document new understanding of debrebase-last
Bug #907208 shows that the previous statement wasn't true. debrebase-last is still marginally useful: we use it for deciding what hints to print in some error messages; detecting and rejecting attempts to convert already-converted branches; and in `git-debrebase status'. Signed-off-by: Ian Jackson <>
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@@ -378,8 +378,11 @@ from the interchange branch and no pseudomerge is needed.
When ffq-prev is not present,
C<refs/debrebase-last/B> records some ancestor of refs/B,
(usually, the result of last stitch).
-This can be used to quickly determine whether refs/B
-is being maintained in git-debrebase form.
+This is used for status printing and some error error checks -
+especially for printing guesses what a problem is.
+To determine whether a branch is
+is being maintained in git-debrebase form
+it is necessary to walk its history.