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New field in dsc
- url(s) to clone to get history
commit hash corresponding to the thing uploaded
optional commit hash corresponding to pristine tar
-dget or something
+dgit clone
fetches dsc
- clones repo
- repros pristine-tar
-what about a git fetch
+ clones repo from alioth
+ repros commit if nec. (if no hash in current dsc, check that
+ dsc is after git head and make synthetic commit, otherwise
+ complain)
- adds field for master commit hash
- adds field for pristine tar
+dgit fetch
+ as above
-dupload (?)
- checks isn't a force push into archive?
- does signature
- does push to server(s)
- adds tags to changes file to promise has pushed
- does actual upload
+dgit push
+ after git-buildpackage --tag (but no sign)
+ check repo is clean and tag is made
+ signs tag
+ debsign
+ push to alioth (perhaps with merge -s ours)
+ dput
where on alioth upstream
rc bugs for
server(s?) not reachable
+? adds field for master commit hash
+? adds field for pristine tar