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committerIan Jackson <>2013-08-16 11:31:11 +0100
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diff --git a/TODO b/TODO
index 373e118..5c9082a 100644
--- a/TODO
+++ b/TODO
@@ -1,3 +1,5 @@
+clone support for output dir spec.
push should push to dgit remote (other branches)
manpage should say not to push to suite branches
newly cloned repos should have suite branches marked not to push
diff --git a/dgit b/dgit
index 2e40ad7..edc3c22 100755
--- a/dgit
+++ b/dgit
@@ -26,8 +26,6 @@ use Dpkg::Control::Hash;
use File::Path;
use POSIX;
-open DEBUG, ">&STDERR" or die $!;
our $mirror = '';
our $suite = 'sid';
our $package;
@@ -47,6 +45,8 @@ our (@dput) = qw(dput);
our (@debsign) = qw(debsign);
our $keyid;
+open DEBUG, ">/dev/null" or die $!;
our %opts_opt_map = ('dget' => \@dget,
'dput' => \@dput,
'debsign' => \@debsign);
@@ -67,7 +67,7 @@ sub url_get {
$ua = LWP::UserAgent->new();
- print DEBUG "fetching @_...\n";
+ print "fetching @_...\n";
my $r = $ua->get(@_) or die $!;
die "$_[0]: ".$r->status_line."; failed.\n" unless $r->is_success;
return $r->decoded_content();
@@ -75,12 +75,30 @@ sub url_get {
our ($dscdata,$dscurl,$dsc);
+sub printcmd {
+ my $fh = shift @_;
+ my $intro = shift @_;
+ print $fh $intro or die $!;
+ local $_;
+ foreach my $a (@_) {
+ $_ = $a;
+ if (s{['\\]}{\\$&}g || m{\s} || m{[^-_./0-9a-z]}i) {
+ print $fh " '$_'" or die $!;
+ } else {
+ print $fh " $_" or die $!;
+ }
+ }
+ print $fh "\n" or die $!;
sub runcmd {
+ printcmd(\*DEBUG,"+",@_);
$!=0; $?=0;
die "@_ $! $?" if system @_;
sub cmdoutput_errok {
+ printcmd(\*DEBUG,"|",@_);
open P, "-|", @_ or die $!;
my $d;
$!=0; $?=0;
@@ -98,17 +116,7 @@ sub cmdoutput {
sub dryrun_report {
- print "#" or die $!;
- local $_;
- foreach my $a (@_) {
- $_ = $a;
- if (s{['\\]}{\\$&}g || m{\s} || m{[^-_./0-9a-z]}i) {
- print " '$_'" or die $!;
- } else {
- print " $_" or die $!;
- }
- }
- print "\n" or die $!;
+ printcmd(\*STDOUT,"#",@_);
sub runcmd_ordryrun {
@@ -162,13 +170,12 @@ sub get_archive_dsc () {
# fixme madison does not show us the component
my $prefix = substr($package, 0, $package =~ m/^l/ ? 4 : 1);
$dscurl = "$mirror/pool/main/$prefix/$package/${package}_$vsn.dsc";
-#print DEBUG Dumper($pdodata, $&, $dscurl);
$dscdata = url_get($dscurl);
my $dscfh = new IO::File \$dscdata, '<' or die $!;
-#print DEBUG Dumper($dscdata, $dscfh);
+ print DEBUG Dumper($dscdata);
$dsc = Dpkg::Control::Hash->new(allow_pgp=>1);
$dsc->parse($dscfh, 'dsc') or die "parsing of $dscurl failed\n";
-#print DEBUG Dumper($dsc);
+ print DEBUG Dumper($dsc);
my $fmt = $dsc->{Format};
die "unsupported format $fmt, sorry\n" unless $fmt eq '1.0';
@@ -180,11 +187,11 @@ sub check_for_git () {
" set -e; cd $alioth_sshtestbodge->[1];".
" if test -d $package.git; then echo 1; else echo 0; fi".
- #print DEBUG "$cmd\n";
+ print DEBUG "$cmd\n";
open P, "$cmd |" or die $!;
$!=0; $?=0;
my $r = <P>; close P;
-#print STDERR ">$r<\n";
+ print DEBUG ">$r<\n";
die "$r $! $?" unless $r =~ m/^[01]$/;
return $r+0;
@@ -437,7 +444,11 @@ sub dopush () {
# (uploadbranch());
$dsc->{$ourdscfield} = rev_parse('HEAD');
$dsc->save("../$dscfn.tmp") or die $!;
- rename "../$dscfn.tmp","../$dscfn" or die "$dscfn $!";
+ if (!$dryrun) {
+ rename "../$dscfn.tmp","../$dscfn" or die "$dscfn $!";
+ } else {
+ print "[new .dsc left in $dscfn.tmp]\n";
+ }
if (!$changesfile) {
my $pat = "../${package}_$clogp->{Version}_*.changes";
my @cs = glob $pat;
@@ -560,6 +571,8 @@ sub parseopts () {
while (m/^-./s) {
if (s/^-n/-/) {
+ } elsif (s/^-D/-/) {
+ open DEBUG, ">&STDERR" or die $!;
} elsif (s/^-c(.*=.*)//s) {
push @git, $1;
} elsif (s/^-C(.*)//s) {
diff --git a/dgit.1 b/dgit.1
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..6394a16
--- /dev/null
+++ b/dgit.1
@@ -0,0 +1,160 @@
+.TH dgit 1 "" "Debian Project" "dgit"
+dgit \- git integration with the Debian archive
+.B dgit
+[\fIdgit\-options\fP] \fBclone\fP [\fIdgit\-options\fP]
+\fIpackage\fP [\fIsuite\fP] [\fB./\fP\fIdest-dir|\fB/\fP\fIdest-dir]
+.B dgit
+[\fIdgit\-options\fP] \fBfetch\fP|\fBpull\fP [\fIdgit\-options\fP]
+.B dgit
+[\fIdgit\-options\fP] \fBbuild\fP
+.B dgit
+[\fIdgit\-options\fP] \fBpush\fP [\fIdgit\-options\fP]
+.B dgit
+treats the Debian archive as a version control system, and
+bidirectionally gateways between the archive and git. The git view of
+the package can contain the usual upstream git history, and will be
+augmented by commits representing uploads done without using dgit.
+This git history is stored in a canonical location
+.B dgit-repos
+which lives outside the Debian archive.
+.B dgit clone
+.B dgit fetch
+consult the archive and dgit-repos and fetch and/or construct the
+git view of the history. With clone, the destination directory (by
+default, the package name in the current directory) will be created.
+.B dgit build
+.B git-buildpackage
+with some suitable options. Options after
+.B build
+will be passed on to git-buildpackage. It is not necessary to
+use dgit build; it is OK to use any approach which ensures that
+the generated source package corresponds to the relevant git commit.
+Tagging and signing should be left to dgit push.
+.B dgit push
+does an "upload", pushing the current HEAD to the archive (as a source
+package) and to dgit-repos (as git commits). This also involves
+making a signed git tag, and signing the files to be uploaded to the
+You may use any suitable git workflow with dgit, provided you
+satisfy dgit's requirements:
+.B dgit-repos
+repository for each package contains one branch per suite named
+\fBdgit/\fR\fIsuite\fR. These should be pushed to only by
+dgit. They are fast forwarding. Each push on this branch
+corresponds to an upload (or attempted upload).
+dgit push can operate on any commit which is a descendant of the
+current dgit/suite tip in dgit-repos.
+Uploads made by dgit contain an additional field
+.B Vcs-Git-Master
+in the source package .dsc. (This is added by dgit push.)
+This specifies a commit (an ancestor of the dgit/suite
+branch) whose tree is identical to the unpacked source upload.
+Uploads not made by dgit are represented in git by commits which are
+synthesised by dgit. The tree of each such commit corresponds to the
+unpacked source; the single parent is the last known upload - that is,
+the contents of the dgit/suite branch.
+dgit expects repos that it works with to have a
+.B dgit
+remote. This refers to the well-known dgit-repos location
+(currently, the dgit-repos project on Alioth). dgit fetch updates
+the remote tracking branch for dgit/suite.
+.BR --dry-run | -n
+Go through the motions, fetching all information needed, but do not
+actually update the output(s). For fetch and pull, dgit determines
+which git commit corresponds to the archive but does not update
+remotes/dgit/dgit/suite or do any merge. For push, dgit does
+the required checks and leaves the new .dsc in a temporary file,
+but does not sign, tag, push or upload.
+.BI -k keyid
+.I keyid
+for signing the tag and the upload.
+.BR --no-sign
+does not sign tags or uploads (meaningful only with push).
+.BI -D
+Spew debugging information to stderr.
+.BI -c name = value
+Specifies a git configuration option. dgit itself is also controlled
+by git configuration options.
+.RI \fB--dget=\fR program |\fB--dput=\fR program |\fB--debsign=\fR program
+Specifies alternative programs to use instead of dget, dput
+or debsign.
+.RI \fB--dget:\fR option |\fB--dput:\fR option |\fB--debsign:\fR option
+Specifies a single additional option to pass to dget, dput or
+debsign. Use repeatedly if multiple additional options are required.
+.BI -C changesfile
+Specifies the .changes file which is to be uploaded. By default
+dgit push looks for single .changes file in the parent directory whose
+filename suggests they it is for the right package and version.
+dgit currently only works with Format 1.0 packages.
+dgit is not nearly configurable enough. The locations for dgit-repos
+(on alioth) and for the Debian archive are currently hardcoded.
+There is not yet any support for suites which are in different
+distributions to Debian.
+dgit will only work with packages in main. The madison http query API
+does not give the component.
+dgit assumes knowledge of the archive layout. There appears to be no
+sane way to find the path in the archive pool of the .dsc for a
+particular suite.
+The mechanism for checking for and creating per-package repos on
+alioth is a hideous bodge. One consequence is that dgit currently
+only works for people with push access.
+Debian Maintainers are currently not able to push, as there is not
+currently any mechanism for determining and honouring the archive's
+ideas about access control. Currently only DDs can push.
+dgit's representation of Format 3.0 (quilt) source packages (even if
+they were supported) would not represent the patch stack. Currently
+the patch series representation cannot round trip through the archive.
+Ideally dgit would represent a quilty package with an origin commit of
+some kind followed by the patch stack as a series of commits followed
+by a pseudo-merge (to make the branch fast-forwarding). This would
+also mean a new "dgit rebase-prep" command or some such to turn such a
+fast-forwarding branch back into a rebasing patch stack, and a "force"
+option to dgit push (perhaps enabled automatically) which will make
+the required pseudo-merge.
+dgit's handling of .orig.tar.gz is not very sophisticated. Ideally
+the .orig.tar.gz could be transported via the git repo as git tags.
+The error messages are often unhelpfully terse and tend to refer to
+line numbers in dgit.
+The option parser requires values to be cuddled to the option name.