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git-debrebase: some notes about gbp import
Signed-off-by: Ian Jackson <>
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@@ -140,3 +140,31 @@ will-overwrite to the current tip (see rules above, which show that
this is OK). Or maybe to the last pseudomerge on the current tip,
so that the overall result will be series of pseudomerges.
+import from gbp
+ inputs:
+ current HEAD (patches-unapplied),
+ this is going to be the base of the old breakwater
+ nominated upstream
+ checks:
+ HEAD:<upstream> = upstream:<upstream>
+ upstream..HEAD:<upstream> is empty (overrideable)
+ upstremm:debian is empty (overrideable)
+ procedure:
+ construct
+ run gbp pq import to generate pq branch
+ new breakwater is
+ old HEAD
+ commit to remove d/patches
+ breakwater pseudomerge with upstream
+ "rebase" of pq branch, each commit with d/patches stripped
+what about dgit view branch ?
+ideally, would make pseudomerge over dgit view
+would need to check that dgit view is actually dgit view of
+ ond of our ancestors
+failing that first push will need --overwrite