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authorIan Jackson <>2020-02-01 21:12:25 +0000
committerIan Jackson <>2020-02-02 16:31:51 +0000
commitccebebe13a570e7432416817f09306e068928e96 (patch)
parent0bbccf3893a0c5a2ce38bb0d9c5ce3e975ae1775 (diff)
dgit: absurd: Work around mangled env metadata from gbp
Some versions of gbp pq will pass broken metadata from patch files into the env vars for git-commit-tree. Eg, #950446/#950326 where gbp pq from buster cannot cope with binutils_2.33.90.20200122-2.dsc, setting GIT_AUTHOR_DATE to "???" (literally, three ? marks, as copied from the patch file libctf-soname.diff). Work around this as follows: * Try git-commit-tree of an empty commit message. Does it work? If so, workaround is not needed. * Try resetting GIT_AUTHOR_* to GIT_COMMITTER_*. Does it work now? Ah, that is the fix! * Otherwise, just run git-commit-tree as usual. This code makes some perhaps-unreasonable assumptions: * gbp's git commit-tree has the tree object as 2nd argument (really shonky command line parsing). However, if this assumption is violated, the result is that the git-commit-tree attempts either fail harmlessly, or succeed harmlessly, defeating the workaround but with no other implications. * if a workaround is needed, it is best to throw away all the author information, rather that try to pick and choose, or to fix it up. These are IMO tolerable because I think it's gbp's job to get this right. The output from dgit (if it succeeds) will be right in terms of tree and even in terms of commit structure. Signed-off-by: Ian Jackson <>
1 files changed, 26 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/absurd/git b/absurd/git
index d8ac24e..d9e2d4e 100755
--- a/absurd/git
+++ b/absurd/git
@@ -29,10 +29,35 @@ filter_path () {
+squash_author () {
+ author_vars='NAME EMAIL DATE'
+ for var in in $author_vars; do
+ eval "GIT_AUTHOR_$var=\$GIT_COMMITTER_$var"
+ done
+try_commit () { git commit-tree "$try_commit_obj" </dev/null >/dev/null; }
+maybe_squash_author () {
+ if (set -e; filter_path; try_commit); then return; fi
+ if ! (set -e; filter_path; squash_author; try_commit); then return; fi
+ read last <../../absurd-apply-applied
+ echo >&4 \
+ "dgit: warning: suppressed corrupted metadata! ($last)"
+ squash_author
for arg in "$@"; do
case "$arg" in
apply) bypass=false; break ;;
+ commit-tree)
+ # Work around #950446 in gbp
+ try_commit_obj="$2"
+ maybe_squash_author
+ bypass=true; break
+ ;;
-*) ;;
*) bypass=true; break ;;
@@ -118,4 +143,5 @@ git checkout debian/patches/series
git add -Af .
log "APPLIED $patch"
+printf >../../absurd-apply-applied '%s\n' "$patch"
#printf 'APPLIED '; date --iso-8601=ns