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authorIan Jackson <>2019-01-06 00:39:29 +0000
committerIan Jackson <>2019-01-06 00:44:42 +0000
commit2731b7cddb1f75f5895a9b5d3a3048ab269209df (patch)
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parent37b5c1d305b5b7362e83ea4cbfdab4b9544031d3 (diff) Allow uppercase (ascii) letters in multi-orig components
We didn't recognise files like firefox-esr_60.4.0esr.orig-l10n-sv-SE.tar.bz2 as orig files. As a result, dgit would see all the things in the corresponding subdirectory as having been added in Debian changes, leading it making inaccurate complaints and bombing out. See also #918438 against policy, where I (effectively) argue that this is a design error in the `3.0 (quilt)' format. Closes: #916926 Signed-off-by: Ian Jackson <>
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--- a/Debian/
+++ b/Debian/
@@ -98,7 +98,7 @@ our $distro_re = $component_re;
our $versiontag_re = qr{[-+.\%_0-9a-zA-Z/]+};
our $branchprefix = 'dgit';
our $series_filename_re = qr{(?:^|\.)series(?!\n)$}s;
-our $extra_orig_namepart_re = qr{[-0-9a-z]+};
+our $extra_orig_namepart_re = qr{[-0-9a-zA-Z]+};
our $orig_f_comp_re = qr{orig(?:-$extra_orig_namepart_re)?};
our $orig_f_sig_re = '\\.(?:asc|gpg|pgp)';
our $orig_f_tail_re = "$orig_f_comp_re\\.tar(?:\\.\\w+)?(?:$orig_f_sig_re)?";