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git-debrebase: Introduce term `anchor'
And replace `breakwater merge' and `breakwater upstream merge' everywhere. Signed-off-by: Ian Jackson <>
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@@ -44,29 +44,29 @@ overall format
[git-debrebase: split mixed commit, debian part]
[git-debrebase: split mixed commit, upstream-part]
[git-debrebase: convert dgit import, debian changes]
-[git-debrebase breakwater: convert dgit import, upstream changes]
+[git-debrebase anchor: convert dgit import, upstream changes]
[git-debrebase upstream-combine . PIECE[ PIECE...]: new upstream]
-[git-debrebase breakwater: new upstream NEW-UPSTREAM-VERSION, merge]
+[git-debrebase anchor: new upstream NEW-UPSTREAM-VERSION, merge]
[git-debrebase: new upstream NEW-UPSTREAM-VERSION, changelog]
[git-debrebase convert-from-gbp: drop patches]
-[git-debrebase breakwater: declare upstream]
+[git-debrebase anchor: declare upstream]
[git-debrebase pseudomerge: stitch]
[git-debrebase convert-to-gbp: commit patches]
m{^\[git-debrebase (?:\w*-)?upstream combine \.((?: $extra_orig_namepart_re)+)\]}
-Every breakwater commit must be a merge. In principle, this is not
+Every anchor commit must be a merge. In principle, this is not
necessary. After all, we are relying on the
- [git-debrebase breakwater: ...]
-commit message annotation in "declare" breakwater merges (which
-do not have any upstream changes), to distinguish those breakwater
+ [git-debrebase anchor: ...]
+commit message annotation in "declare" anchor merges (which
+do not have any upstream changes), to distinguish those anchor
merges from ordinary pseudomerges (which we might just try to strip).
However, the user is going to be doing git-rebase a lot. We really
-don't want them to rewrite a breakwater base commit. git-rebase
+don't want them to rewrite an anchor commit. git-rebase
trips up on merges, so that is a useful safety catch.
@@ -267,7 +267,7 @@ import from gbp
new breakwater is
old HEAD
commit to remove d/patches
- breakwater pseudomerge with upstream
+ anchor merge with upstream
"rebase" of pq branch, each commit with d/patches stripped