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NOTES.podchecker: Document why I'm not using podchecker
Signed-off-by: Ian Jackson <>
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+todo: maybe we wanted to run podchecker but it complains about a lot
+of things for which we don't have good alternatives. Eg:
+*** WARNING: (section) in 'dgit-maint-debrebase(7)' deprecated at line 17 in file ../git-debrebase.1.pod
+ But this is not actually described as deprecated and how else to
+ write a manpage cross-reference ? Maybe this warning applies
+ only to perl's own manpages.
+*** WARNING: 2 unescaped <> in paragraph at line 30 in file ../git-debrebase.1.pod
+ I have a habit of writing things like
+ git-debrebase [-- <git-rebase options...>]
+ which is obviously unescaped < but the E<> syntax would be awful
+*** WARNING: No items in =over (at line 31) / =back list at line 42 in file ../dgit-user.7.pod
+*** WARNING: No argument for =item at line 553 in file ../git-debrebase.1.pod
+ pod doesn't offer a better answer, and these render well
+*** ERROR: unresolved internal link 'dgit-maint-*(7)' at line 22 in file ../dgit-user.7.pod
+ This is obviously needed.
+At the time of writing it does not seem to detect anything which
+generates bad rendering. So for now I will not run it.