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TODO.BRANCH: add some desires
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- in dopush (?), we need to sort out synthetic fast forard
this should not depend entirely on quilt mode
but will always be needed if quiltmode_splitbrain
- * On push, if ff fixup mode enabled, check debian/changelog,
- and maybe make fake merge, maybe in dgit view, maybe
- elsewhere ?
+ On push with split brain, do synthetic fast forward if as follows:
+ - find previous push (archive version, import, whatever
+ is result of fetch into the dgit remote tracking branch)
+ - find its version number
+ - find the tag we fetched during git_fetch_us in lrfetchrefs_f
+ [*] this may need us to arrange to fetch it
+ that is, find the DEP-14 tag
+ - find the corresponding dgit tag
+ - the dgit tag should be a descendant of the DEP-14 tag
+ - what we are pushing should be a descendant of the DEP-14 tag
+ - then we can make it also a descendant of the dgit tag
+ (make it: in dgit view only, in split brain mode)
+ We want a --overwrite=VERSION option which 1. adjusts
+ the version used above, and 2. does the same thing in any
+ quilt mode. If no split brain it should make the psuedomerge
+ on the user's HEAD.
Want tests for
@@ -42,3 +57,6 @@ Test that, where appropriate, maint view tags are pushed to dgit git repo
* Split quilt-gbp-build-modes into one with sbuild and one without
* Add t-tstunt-parsechangelog to various tests
+Check BTS