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Produce better error reporting when absurd git wrapper fails on a patch
during .dsc import. Apropos of #848391. gbp swallows the error from the first run (without --whitespace=fix). Previously only that first run would do anything useful; the second would complain about --whitespace=fix. So failures of dpkg-source would always produce a useless error message. Instead, tolerate (and ignore) the --whitespace=fix option which gbp passes during the second run. This means that the second run tries to do the actual work. This only does extra work if the first run failed, and since the first and second runs are now equivalent, that happens when the second run fails too. But in return for that extra work, we get a report which actually mentions something that unexpectedly went wrong. (The alternative would be to have absurd/git try to stash and then reproduce its previous error, or to make more fragile assumptions about gbp's behaviour.) Signed-off-by: Ian Jackson <>
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@@ -56,6 +56,9 @@ for arg in "$@"; do
+ 1.--whitespace=fix)
+ continue
+ ;;
fail "UNKNOWN OPTION $arg ($*)"