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po4a: dummy test case git-debrebase_5.en_US.po: Create
This is the result of following the instructions in po4a/README on how to start a translation. For economy I have committed only this one new .po file, even though po4a generated loads and normally a translator would therefore send a PR with one file per document. This is part of testing that the machinery works. It is not practical to make this a proper test case, but I can at least leave records in the git history of how to do things. This change results in that one manpage actually being generated and installed, although it is very similar to the untranslated one. I have verified that unless the translated manpages line in debian/git-debrebase.install is uncommented, the package build now fails, which is reassuring, because it means that when we get a real translation we can't forget to actually ship it. Signed-off-by: Ian Jackson <>
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-# usr/share/man/*/man*/git-debrebase.[1-9]
# ^ translated manpages. This has to be un-commented when they appear.