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test suite: Test dgit calling git-debrebase on new debianisation
Now all the cases in dgit's branch_is_gdr history walker are tested: DGIT_TEST_DEBUG=-DD tests/using-intree tests/run-all cat tests/tmp/*.log |perl -ne 'next unless s/^branch_is_gdr \w+ //; print' |sort -u |less Produces the same list as: git-grep 'branch_is_gdr ' | perl -pe 's/^^dgit:\s+//' |sort |less (With the list of gdr commit annotations the same as in the source.) Signed-off-by: Ian Jackson <>
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@@ -16,6 +16,10 @@ Tests-Directory: tests/tests
Depends: dgit, dgit-infrastructure, devscripts, debhelper (>=8), fakeroot, build-essential, chiark-utils-bin, bc
Restrictions: x-dgit-intree-only x-dgit-git-only
+Tests: gdr-fresh
+Tests-Directory: tests/tests
+Depends: chiark-utils-bin, devscripts, git-debrebase, git-buildpackage, faketime
Tests: gdr-merge-conflicts
Tests-Directory: tests/tests
Depends: chiark-utils-bin, git-debrebase, git-buildpackage, faketime, quilt