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dgit: Postpone call to git_slurp_config
This is needed to fix #865863: we need to know what our operation is, before we can decide whether to look for --local git config. The code which now runs earlier is: * The messages about $dryrun_level (which is set only by the command line, and not by configuration - verified by searching for $dryrun_level). * Usage failure if @ARGV empty. This is not affected by configuration. (parseopts does the argument parsing and already runs before git_slurp_config.) * Extracting the $cmd from @ARGV. * Calling $pre_fn. There is only one pre_* sub, which is pre_gbp_build. It provides the default for $quilt_mode. $quilt_mode is indeed somewhat entangled with the git config, but this takes place in parseopts_late_defaults, which is called much later. Therefore there is no functional change. Signed-off-by: Ian Jackson <>
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