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dgit: mkdir .git/info in setup_gitattrs
This might be necessary if setup_mergechangelogs were disabled. (This is something of a latent bug, since `git init' creates .git/info.) Signed-off-by: Ian Jackson <>
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@@ -11,6 +11,7 @@ dgit (3.11~) unstable; urgency=high
the user's object store. In particular, core.sharedRepository.
Prompted by #867603.
* Clone multisuite works even without --no-rm-on-error. Closes:#867434.
+ * Work if "git init" does not create $GIT/info. Closes:#858054.
Important bugfixes to other components:
* dgit-badcommit-fixup: Honour core.sharedRepository. Closes:#867603.