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This avoids most date dependencies: unless other measures are taken, the commits and tags are identical iff they are constructed identically. This makes the test suite more deterministic. In drs-push-rejects test, increment them explicitly, so as to make all of mktag's tags distinct objects. Otherwise it can generate identical tags (now, always; previously, only sometimes on fast computers), causing spurious variations in behaviour (eg, things not being rejected because they do not represent any change).
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file. Instead, simply tolerate the absence of the log file.
* Put --no-arch-all in build-modes-sbuild act, not only its real_act.
Cosmetic change only.
+ * Set GIT_COMMITTER_DATE and GIT_AUTHOR_DATE and increment them
+ explicitly in drs-push-rejects test. This avoids date dependencies
+ which can cause that test to fail on fast computers.