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dgit-maint-debrebase(7): Add runes for inspecting history
I'm not sure if this is the right place but I wanted to publish this information sooner rather than later. Closes: #907190. Signed-off-by: Ian Jackson <>
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After dgit pushing, be sure to git push to B<>, if
you're using that.
+The git history made by git-debrebase can seem complicated.
+Here are some suggestions for helpful invocations of gitk and git.
+They can be adapted for other tools like tig, git log, etc.
+=item History of package in Debian (disregarding history from upstream):
+ % gitk --first-parent
+In a laundered branch, the delta queue is at the top.
+=item History of the packaging (excluding the delta queue)
+ % gitk :/debian :!/debian/patches
+=item Just the delta queue (ie, Debian's changes to upstream):
+ % gitk --first-parent -- :/ :!/debian
+=item Full history including old versions of the delta queue:
+ % gitk --date-order
+The "Declare fast forward" commits you see have an older history
+(usually, an older delta queue) as one parent,
+and a newer history as the other.
+--date-order makes gitk show the delta queues in the right order.
+=item Show complete diff since the last upload:
+ % git diff dgit/dgit/sid..HEAD -- :/ :!/debian/patches
+(Includes changes to upstream files.)
+=item Interdiff of delta queue since last upload, if you really want that:
+ % git debrebase make-patches
+ % git diff dgit/dgit/sid..HEAD -- debian/patches
+Also of course there is
+ % git debrebase status
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