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dgit-maint-debrebase(7): notes about d/patches
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@@ -476,6 +476,10 @@ If that fails, because your branch and the NMUers work represent
divergent branches of development, you have a number of options. Here
we describe the two simplest.
+Note that you should not try to resolve the divergent branches by
+editing files in I<debian/patches>. Changes there would either cause
+trouble, or be overwritten by git-debrebase(1).
=head2 Rebasing your work onto the NMU
=over 4
@@ -517,6 +521,13 @@ upstream source to the required state. You can push and pull to and
from B<> during this. Just before uploading, you
debrebase, once, to tidy everything up.
+=head2 The debian/patches directory
+In this workflow, I<debian/patches> is purely an output of
+git-debrebase(1). You should not make changes there. They will
+either cause trouble, or be ignored and overwritten by
=head2 Upstream branches
Except in the case where upstream releases only tarballs, we do not