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dgit-maint-{merge,debrebase}(7): Using untagged upstream commits
Closes: #930964 Signed-off-by: Sean Whitton <>
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+=head3 Using untagged upstream commits
+=over 4
+Sometimes upstream does not tag their releases, or you want to package
+an unreleased git snapshot. In such a case you can create your own
+upstream release tag, of the form B<upstream/>I<ver>, where I<ver> is
+the upstream version you plan to put in I<debian/changelog>. The
+B<upstream/> prefix ensures that your tag will not clash with any tags
+upstream later creates.
+For example, suppose that the latest upstream release is 1.2.2 and you
+want to package git commit ab34c21 which was made on 2013-12-11. A
+common convention is to use the upstream version number
+1.2.2+git20131211.ab34c21 and so you could use
+=over 4
+ % git tag -s upstream/1.2.2+git20131211.ab34c21 ab34c21
+to obtain a release tag, and then proceed as above.
=head2 When upstream releases only tarballs
We need a virtual upstream branch with virtual release tags.
@@ -340,6 +366,10 @@ to git), you can just run dpkg-buildpackage(1) or debuild(1) instead.
+If you want to package an untagged upstream commit (because upstream
+does not tag releases or because you want to package an upstream
+development snapshot), see "Using untagged upstream commits" above.
=head3 When upstream releases only tarballs
You will need the I<debian/gbp.conf> from "When upstream releases only