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dgit-sponsorship(7): Update in light of fixed #844129
Signed-off-by: Sean Whitton <>
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@@ -245,7 +245,15 @@ or similar, to to the build, and then
C<dgit -wgf [--quilt=...] push>
to do the upload.
-(If you switched to the quilt-cache dgit view,
+(It is possible to upload from
+the quilt-cache dgit view,
+but this will cause the debian/1.2.3-1 tag to be
+placed on this branch
+rather than the sponsee's working branch.
+Since this might be confusing,
+it is a good idea to switch back to the sponsee's view,
+after reviewing and before pushing.
+If you do want to upload from the quilt-cache dgit view,
B<do not> pass the --quilt or --gbp or --dpm option again.)
If this was the first upload done with dgit,