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dgit-user(7): Provide information about how to use sbuild
Quite ugly due to #868527. Closes:#868526. Signed-off-by: Ian Jackson <>
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@@ -303,6 +303,26 @@ C<-uc> means not to pgp-sign the results.
C<-b> means build all binary packages,
but not to build a source package.
+=head2 Using sbuild
+You can build in an schroot chroot, with sbuild, instead of in your
+main environment. (sbuild is used by the Debian build daemons.)
+=over 4
+ % git clean -xdf
+ % sbuild -c jessie -A --no-clean-source \
+ --dpkg-source-opts='-Zgzip -z1 --format=1.0 -sn'
+Note that this will seem to leave a "source package"
+(.dsc and .tar.gz)
+in the parent directory,
+but that source package should not be used.
+It is likely to be broken.
+For more information see Debian bug #868527.
=head2 Debian Jessie or older