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No longer tolerate a multitude of .changes files when doing push.
Instead, insist on a single one. This eliminates a potential for a variety of surprises, where dgit would upload something different to the user expected. We no longer need to behave this way because nowadays the sbuild build (which was the real use case, because it would generate a .source and a .ARCH changes as well as the final .multi) renames the intermediate changes files. Also --rm-old-changes helps.
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.BI -C changesfile
Specifies the .changes file which is to be uploaded. By default
dgit push looks for single .changes file in the parent directory whose
-filename suggests it is for the right package and version - or,
-if there is a _multi.changes file, dgit uses that.
+filename suggests it is for the right package and version.
If the specified
.I changesfile