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Name the local remote tracking branch remotes/dgit/dgit/<suite> so that we avoid a warning from git about ambiguous branch names.
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@@ -65,7 +65,7 @@ belongs.
Consults the archive and git-repos to update the git view of
history for a specific suite (and downloads any necessary orig
tarballs), and updates the remote tracking branch
-.BR remotes/dgit/ \fIsuite\fR.
+.BR remotes/dgit/dgit/ \fIsuite\fR.
If the current branch is
.BI dgit/ suite
then dgit fetch defaults to
@@ -76,7 +76,7 @@ there.
\fBdgit pull\fR [\fIsuite\fP]
Does dgit fetch, and then merges the new head of the remote tracking
-.BI remotes/dgit/ suite
+.BI remotes/dgit/dgit/ suite
into the current branch.
\fBdgit build\fR ...
@@ -140,7 +140,7 @@ and then dgit push. You can use whatever gitish techniques you like
to construct the commit to push; the only requirement is that it is a
descendant of the state of the archive, as provided by dgit in the
remote tracking branch
-.BR remotes/dgit/ \fIsuite\fR.
+.BR remotes/dgit/dgit/ \fIsuite\fR.
If you are lucky the other uploaders have also used dgit and
integrated the other relevant git history; if not you can fetch it
@@ -175,13 +175,13 @@ to start using dgit. First, do
.B dgit fetch
(or clone) to obtain a git history representation of what's in the
archive and record it in the
-.BI remotes/dgit/ suite
+.BI remotes/dgit/dgit/ suite
tracking branch. Then somehow, using your other git history
plus appropriate diffs and cherry picks from the dgit remote tracking
branch, construct a git commit whose tree corresponds to the tree to use for the
next upload. If that commit-to-be-uploaded is not a descendant of the
dig remote tracking branch, check it out and say
-.BR "git merge -s ours remotes/dgit/" \fIsuite\fR;
+.BR "git merge -s ours remotes/dgit/dgit/" \fIsuite\fR;
that tells git that we are deliberately throwing away any differences
between what's in the archive and what you intend to upload.
Then run