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Manpages: clarify usual workflow
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The usual workflow is:
-1. dgit clone or fetch
+1. \fBdgit clone\fR or \fBfetch\fR;
-2. make, dev test and commit changes in git as desired
+2. make, do dev tests, and commit changes in git as desired;
-3. run dgit build, dgit sbuild or
-dgit build-source, or generate the source and binary packages for upload
-some other way
+3. build packages for upload, using e.g. \fBdgit sbuild\fR
-4. do pre-upload tests of the proposed upload
+4. do pre-upload tests of the proposed upload;
-5. dgit push.
+5. \fBdgit push\fR.
\fBdgit clone\fR \fIpackage\fP [\fIsuite\fP] [\fB./\fP\fIdir|\fB/\fP\fIdir\fR]