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New --ignore-dirty option to skip noncritical check. Closes: #720895.
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@@ -342,6 +342,16 @@ This is the default. It requires the package's build dependencies.
The package may be new in this suite. Without this, dgit will
refuse to push.
+.BR --ignore-dirty
+Do not complain if the working tree does not match your git HEAD.
+This can be useful with build, if you plan to commit later. (dgit
+push will still ensure that the .dsc you upload and the git tree
+you push are identical, so this option won't make broken pushes.)
+This option may not work properly on `3.0 (quilt)' packages, as in
+that case dgit needs to use and perhaps commit parts of your working
.BI -D
Prints debugging information to stderr. Repeating the option produces
more output (currently, up to -DD is meaningfully different).