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Support dgit --delayed= push
(with a warning in the manpage about possible skew). Signed-off-by: Ian Jackson <>
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@@ -429,6 +429,24 @@ git history, so that your push is a fast forward from the archive.
implying a split between the dgit view and the
maintainer view, the pseudo-merge will appear only in the dgit view.)
+.BR --delayed =\fIdays\fR
+Upload to a DELAYED queue.
+If the maintainer responds by cancelling
+your upload from the queue,
+and does not make an upload of their own,
+this will not rewind the git branch on the dgit git server.
+Other dgit users will then see your push
+(with a warning message from dgit)
+even though the maintainer wanted to abolish it.
+Such users might unwittingly reintroduce your changes.
+If this situation arises,
+someone should make a suitable dgit push
+to update the contents of dgit-repos
+to a version without the controversial changes.
.BR --dgit-view-save= \fIbranch\fR|\fIref\fR
Specifies that when a split view quilt mode is in operation,
and dgit calculates