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@@ -238,12 +238,18 @@ Specifies alternative programs to use instead of
.BR sbuild ,
.BR gpg ,
.BR ssh ,
+.BR dgit ,
.BR mergechanges .
For dpkg-buildpackage, dpkg-genchanges, mergechanges and sbuild,
this applies only when the program is invoked directly by dgit.
+For dgit, specifies the command to run on the remote host when dgit
+rpush needs to invoke a remote copy of itself. (dgit also reinvokes
+itself as the EDITOR for dpkg-source --commit; this is done using
+argv[0], and is not affected by --dget=).
For ssh, the default value is taken from the
@@ -269,6 +275,7 @@ Specifies a single additional option to pass to
.BR dpkg-genchanges ,
.BR sbuild ,
.BR ssh ,
+.BR dgit ,
.BR mergechanges .
Can be repeated as necessary.
@@ -278,7 +285,7 @@ this applies only when the program is invoked directly by dgit.
Usually, for passing options to dpkg-genchanges, you should use
.BR --ch: \fIoption\fR.
-See note above regarding ssh.
+See notes above regarding ssh and dgit.
NB that --gpg:option is not supported (because debsign does not
have that facility). But see -k.