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@@ -4,29 +4,30 @@ dgit \- git integration with the Debian archive
.B dgit
-[\fIdgit\-options\fP] \fBclone\fP [\fIdgit\-options\fP]
-\fIpackage\fP [\fIsuite\fP] [\fB./\fP\fIdest-dir|\fB/\fP\fIdest-dir]
+[\fIdgit\-opts\fP] \fBclone\fP [\fIdgit\-opts\fP]
+\fIpackage\fP [\fIsuite\fP] [\fB./\fP\fIdir|\fB/\fP\fIdir]
.B dgit
-[\fIdgit\-options\fP] \fBfetch\fP|\fBpull\fP [\fIdgit\-options\fP]
+[\fIdgit\-opts\fP] \fBfetch\fP|\fBpull\fP [\fIdgit\-opts\fP]
.B dgit
-[\fIdgit\-options\fP] \fBbuild\fP
+[\fIdgit\-opts\fP] \fBbuild\fP
.B dgit
-[\fIdgit\-options\fP] \fBpush\fP [\fIdgit\-options\fP]
+[\fIdgit\-opts\fP] \fBpush\fP [\fIdgit\-opts\fP]
.B dgit
treats the Debian archive as a version control system, and
bidirectionally gateways between the archive and git. The git view of
the package can contain the usual upstream git history, and will be
-augmented by commits representing uploads done without using dgit.
-This git history is stored in a canonical location
+augmented by commits representing uploads done by other developers not
+using dgit. This git history is stored in a canonical location known
.B dgit-repos
-which lives outside the Debian archive.
+which lives outside the Debian archive (currently, on Alioth).
.B dgit clone
@@ -64,7 +65,7 @@ plain git.
.B dgit-repos
repository for each package contains one ref per suite named
-\fBdrefs/git/\fR\fIsuite\fR. These should be pushed to only by
+\fBrefs/dgit/\fR\fIsuite\fR. These should be pushed to only by
dgit. They are fast forwarding. Each push on this branch
corresponds to an upload (or attempted upload).
@@ -177,6 +178,10 @@ dgit assumes knowledge of the archive layout. There appears to be no
sane way to find the path in the archive pool of the .dsc for a
particular suite.
+We should be using some kind of vhost/vpath setup for the git repos on
+alioth, so that they can be moved later if and when this turns out to
+be a good idea.
Debian Policy needs to be updated to describe the new Vcs-Git-Master
field (and to specify that it is an RC bug for that field to refer
to an unavailable commit).