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finish support and docs for DGIT_SSH etc. config
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@@ -237,11 +237,27 @@ Specifies alternative programs to use instead of
.BR dpkg-genchanges ,
.BR sbuild ,
.BR gpg ,
+.BR ssh ,
.BR mergechanges .
For dpkg-buildpackage, dpkg-genchanges, mergechanges and sbuild,
this applies only when the program is invoked directly by dgit.
+For ssh, the default value is taken from the
+environment variables, if set (see below). And, for ssh, when accessing the
+archive and dgit-repos, this command line setting is overridden by the
+git config variables
+.BI dgit-distro. distro .ssh
+.B .dgit.default.ssh
+(which can in turn be overridden with -c). Also, when dgit is using
+git to access dgit-repos, only git's idea of what ssh to use (eg,
+is relevant.
.RI \fB--dget:\fR option |\fB--dput:\fR option |...
Specifies a single additional option to pass to
@@ -252,6 +268,7 @@ Specifies a single additional option to pass to
.BR dpkg-buildpackage ,
.BR dpkg-genchanges ,
.BR sbuild ,
+.BR ssh ,
.BR mergechanges .
Can be repeated as necessary.
@@ -261,6 +278,8 @@ this applies only when the program is invoked directly by dgit.
Usually, for passing options to dpkg-genchanges, you should use
.BR --ch: \fIoption\fR.
+See note above regarding ssh.
NB that --gpg:option is not supported (because debsign does not
have that facility). But see -k.
@@ -547,6 +566,21 @@ on the dgit command line.
.BR dgit.default. *
for each
.BR dgit-distro. \fIdistro\fR . *
+specify an alternative default program (and perhaps arguments) to use
+instead of ssh. DGIT_SSH is consulted first and may contain arguments;
+if it contains any whitespace will be passed to the shell. GIT_SSH
+specifies just the program; no arguments can be specified, so dgit
+interprets it the same way as git does.
+also the --ssh= and --ssh: options.
+.BR gpg ", " dpkg- "..., " debsign ", " git ", " dget ", " dput ", " LWP::UserAgent
+and other subprograms and modules used by dgit are affected by various
+environment variables. Consult the documentaton for those programs
+for details.
We should be using some kind of vhost/vpath setup for the git repos on
alioth, so that they can be moved later if and when this turns out to