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dgit(1): Document as-yet-unwritten `dgit checkout'
Signed-off-by: Ian Jackson <>
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@@ -109,6 +109,22 @@ branch
.BI remotes/dgit/dgit/ suite
into the current branch.
+\fBdgit checkout\fR \fIsuite\fR
+Checks out the local branch
+.BR dgit/ \fIsuite\fR.
+If the branch does not exist,
+dgit checkout creates it,
+and sets it up the same way as dgit clone would.
+In that case, if
+the archive remote tracking branch does not exist,
+dgit checkout will do a dgit fetch first.
+NB: dgit checkout will only do a fetch if it has to.
+If you already have the suite branch,
+and want to merge your branch with updates from the archive,
+use dgit pull.
\fBdgit build\fR ...
.B dpkg-buildpackage