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dgit: gitattributes: Defuse working-tree-encoding
* Add -working-tree-encoding to $negate_harmful_gitattrs. * Add new arrangements for updating an existing dgit-defuse-attrs macro definition: - is_gitattrs: say whether the macro is up to date - setup_gitattrs: update an existing out-of-date macro - minor message changes - document the new behaviour One consequence is that we have had to breach the promise about how to stop future dgit setup-new-tree runs messing with this: it is now necessary to disapply the macro, rather than redefine it. Closes:#901900. Signed-off-by: Ian Jackson <>
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@@ -268,10 +268,19 @@ For why, see
.BR dgit(7) .
+If there is an existing macro attribute line
+.B [attr]dgit-defuse-attrs
+in .git/info/attributes,
+but it is insufficient,
+because it was made by an earlier version of dgit
+and git has since introduced new transforming attributes,
+modifies the macro to disable the newer transformations.
(If there is already a macro attribute line
.B [attr]dgit-defuse-attrs
in .git/info/attributes
-(whatever its effects),
+which does what dgit requires
+(whatever files it effects),
this operation does nothing further.
This fact can be used to defeat or partially defeat
dgit setup-gitattributes