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Provide --build-products-dir option (and corresponding semantics for -C) to specify where to find the files to upload. Closes:#731633.
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@@ -359,6 +359,20 @@ Specifies the .changes file which is to be uploaded. By default
dgit push looks for single .changes file in the parent directory whose
filename suggests it is for the right package and version - or,
if there is a _multi.changes file, dgit uses that.
+If the specified
+.I changesfile
+pathname contains slashes, the directory part is also used as
+the value for
+.BR --build-products-dir ;
+otherwise, the changes file is expected in that directory (by
+default, in
+.BR .. ).
+.BI --build-products-dir= directory
+Specifies where to find the built files to be uploaded.
+By default, dgit looks in the parent directory
+.BR .. ).
.BI --existing-package= package
dgit push needs to canonicalise the suite name. Sometimes, dgit