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Honour dgit-distros.DISTRO.cmd-CMD and .opts-CMD. Closes:#793427.
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@@ -633,6 +633,23 @@ Not relevant for Debian.
.BI dgit-distro. distro .upload-host
Might be useful if you have an intermediate queue server.
+.BI dgit-distro. distro .cmd- cmd
+Program to use instead of
+.IR cmd .
+Works like
+.BR -- \fIcmd\fR = "... ."
+.BI dgit-distro. distro .opts- cmd
+Extra options to pass to
+.IR cmd .
+Works like
+.BR -- \fIcmd\fR : "... ."
+To pass several options, configure multiple values in git config
+(with git config --add). The options for
+.BI dgit.default.opts- cmd
+.BI dgit-distro. distro /push.opts- cmd
+and are all used, followed by options from dgit's command line.
There are many other settings which specify how a particular distro's
services (archive and git) are provided. These should not normally be