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dgit(1): Document --[no]-chase-dsc-distro
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@@ -266,6 +266,16 @@ and it therefore does not
make a pseudomerge to bind the import
into any existing git history.
+Because a .dsc can contain a Dgit field naming a git commit
+(which you might not have),
+and specifying where to find that commit
+(and any history rewrite table),
+import-dsc might need online access.
+If this is a problem
+(or dgit's efforts to find the commit fail),
+consider --no-chase-dsc-distro
+or --force-import-dsc-with-dgit-field.
There is only only sub-option:
.B --require-valid-signature
@@ -297,11 +307,6 @@ If
.I branch
does not start with refs/, refs/heads/ is prepended.
The specified branch is unconditionally updated.
-If the specified .dsc contains a Dgit field,
-dgit will simply make a branch of that commit.
-If you cannot manage to find that commit anywhere,
-consider --force-import-dsc-with-dgit-field.
.B dgit version
Prints version information and exits.
@@ -456,6 +461,30 @@ someone should make a suitable dgit push
to update the contents of dgit-repos
to a version without the controversial changes.
+.BR --no-chase-dsc-distro
+Tells dgit not to look online
+for additional git repositories
+containing information about a particular .dsc being imported.
+Chasing is the default.
+For most operations
+(such as fetch and pull),
+disabling chasing
+means dgit will access only the git server
+for the distro you are directly working with,
+even if the .dsc was copied verbatim from another distro.
+For import-dsc,
+disabling chasing
+means dgit will work completely offline.
+Disabling chasing can be hazardous:
+if the .dsc names a git commit which has been rewritten
+by those in charge of the distro,
+this option may prevent that rewrite from being effective.
+using it can mean that
+dgit fails to find necessary git commits.
.BR --dgit-view-save= \fIbranch\fR|\fIref\fR
Specifies that when a split view quilt mode is in operation,
and dgit calculates