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dgit: Provide new clean mode --clean=check,ignores
Signed-off-by: Ian Jackson <>
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@@ -548,11 +548,22 @@ git clean -xdf
but it also removes any subdirectories containing different git
trees (which only unusual packages are likely to create).
-.BR --clean=check " | " -wc
+.BR --clean=check " | " --clean=check,ignores " | " -wc " | " -wci
Merely check that the tree is clean (does not contain uncommitted
Avoids running rules clean,
and can avoid needing the build-dependencies.
+.BR ,ignores
+.BR -wci ,
+untracked files covered by .gitignore are tolerated,
+so only files which show up as
+.B ?
+in git status
+(ie, ones you maybe forgot to git add)
+are treated as a problem.
.BR --clean=none " | " -wn
Do not clean the tree, nor check that it is clean.