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dgit(1): Cover more cases of --overwrite and --deliberately
Closes: #928473 Signed-off-by: Ian Jackson <>
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@@ -680,6 +680,7 @@ unless you know what you are doing.
This option is useful if you are the maintainer, and you have
incorporated NMU changes into your own git workflow in a way that
doesn't make your branch a fast forward from the NMU.
+It can also be useful when an intermediate upload was not done with dgit.
This option is also usually necessary
the first time a package is pushed with dgit push
@@ -792,10 +793,15 @@ understood in the context of Debian are discussed below:
.BR --deliberately-not-fast-forward
Declare that you are deliberately rewinding history.
+This could be because your branch is not fast forward from the
+dgit server history,
+or not fast forward from a locally-synthesised dsc import.
When pushing to Debian,
-use this when you are making a renewed upload of an entirely
+use this only when you are making a renewed upload of an entirely
new source package whose previous version was not accepted for release
-from NEW because of problems with copyright or redistributibility.
+from NEW because of problems with copyright or redistributibility;
+or, exceptionally, for the very first upload with dgit.
When split view is in operation,
this also prevents the construction by dgit of a pseudomerge