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Terminology: Change "rewind" to "rewrite" where appropriate
In #928473, Colin Watson writes: > the use of "rewind" as a synonym for "non-fast-forwarding", while > somewhat common in git terminology, is unfortunate. The terms seem > to be borrowed from video playback systems, where "rewind" is often > just the exact opposite of "fast-forward", and so when I see > "rewinding history" in a few places in dgit(1) my initial > interpretation is that it must mean "updating a ref to point to an > ancestor of the commit that it previously pointed to", whereas I > think dgit(1) means "any push that isn't a fast-forward". I don't > know if I'm the only one for whom it has that connotation. This makes sense. So, I am changing uses of "rewind" which do not mean precisely going back to an ancestor. I think we can often use the word "rewrite" for the more general case, but there are some places where another wording is better. Signed-off-by: Ian Jackson <>
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@@ -792,7 +792,7 @@ The meanings of
understood in the context of Debian are discussed below:
.BR --deliberately-not-fast-forward
-Declare that you are deliberately rewinding history.
+Declare that you are deliberately rewriting history.
This could be because your branch is not fast forward from the
dgit server history,
or not fast forward from a locally-synthesised dsc import.
@@ -824,7 +824,7 @@ never-accepted) versions in the git history of your current push, were
rejected by ftpmaster for copyright or redistributability reasons.
.BR --deliberately-fresh-repo
-Declare that you are deliberately rewinding history and want to
+Declare that you are deliberately rewriting history and want to
throw away the existing repo. Not relevant when pushing to Debian,
as the Debian server will do this automatically when necessary.