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authorIan Jackson <>2019-06-28 14:35:21 +0100
committerIan Jackson <>2019-06-28 16:01:33 +0100
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dgit(1): Correct --always-dep14tag
This was documented as --always-dep14tag but dgit only accepts --dep14tag-always. Signed-off-by: Ian Jackson <>
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@@ -992,7 +992,7 @@ Do not generate a DEP-14 tag, except in split quilt view mode.
the dgit tag will have the DEP-14 name.
This option does not prevent that.)
-.BI --dep14tag-always
+.BI --always-dep14tag
Insist on generating a DEP-14 tag
as well as a dgit tag.
If the server does not support that, dgit push will fail.