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dgit: Provide --program!:option
Apropos of #904862. Signed-off-by: Ian Jackson <>
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@@ -1079,6 +1079,24 @@ and the
.B keyid
distro config setting.
+.RI \fB--curl!:\fR option " | \fB--dput!:\fR" option " |..."
+Specifies an option to remove from the command line for
+a program called by dgit, as for
+(and the same caveats apply).
+Any options or arguments exactly identical to
+.I option
+are removed.
+(It is not an error if there were none.)
+This can only be used to delete options
+which are always passed by default by dgit,
+or to undo a previous
+It cannot be used to override option(s) dynamically
+decided on by dgit.
.RI \fB--curl=\fR program " | \fB--dput=\fR" program " |..."
Specifies alternative programs to use instead of
.BR curl ,